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Sunday, February 17, 2013

It Fits!

Yay! The outfit I made for the Secret Doll Person fits, despite the fact that I didn't have an actual SDP model to try it on.

NixiPixie's SD Person

I knew that the head size was approximately the same as Minifee so I used Shannon as a size model for the hat. Shannon has since received an identical hat of her own.

NixiPixie's SD Person

I also knew that the body size of my friend's doll was approximately the same size as a Pukifee, so I used Serenity as a size model while doing the crocheted dress and the sewn, bloomer style panties. I just made the dress a bit longer because Secret Doll Persons are a bit longer in the body.

NixiPixie's SD Person

I think the resulting outfit was quite successful! I think Nicola was happy with her unexpected gift too.


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